1119 13th Street, Snohomish
Website: local.safeway.com
Phone: +1 360-568-7215

Categories: Establishment  Food  Supermarket 

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Apr 25, 2018

John Smith

It's a grocery store. Ooooh, Ahhhhh. They sell groceries. Imagine that. I wouldn't go there if they didn't have things I liked, if the store was dirty, or the people working there were unprofessional, so I guess this must be a pretty decent grocery store since I go there quite often. I sure wish Google would stop asking g me to rate my visit to places I go all the time. My ratings, and opinions probably are not going to change. Google seems to dumb to figure that out, so they are just annoying me, and other like me by continually asking us to rate places we go to all the time.

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